AdeQ Interceptor Precision Rifles

Precision RiflesOur line of Interceptor rifles are designed for law enforcement snipers/countersnipers and discern precision long-range shooters. They come in both .308 and .300 Win Mag offerings. Our rifles start life as a Remington 700 short or long-action, and are fitted to stainless Ilja barrels in lengths of your choosing.

The rifles are blueprinted, bolt lugs are hand-lapped, bolts trued, and then coated. The barreled actions are then sent to 300 Below and are cryogenically treated using their cryo tempering/stress relieving process.

The barreled action is then fitted with an adjustable Timney trigger and safety before being mated to an Ashbury Precision Ordnance chassis system. The end user can specify which of the Saber-Forsst chassis systems as well as trigger pull weight on the rifle. At the customer’s request we will also mount the scope and rings of your choice.

Our Interceptor rifles are featured in the Oct/Nov 2016 issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement.