GunsmithingAs a gunsmith, AdeQ Firearms looks to pair you with your ideal firearm. Through the process of designing, building, altercation, modification, and repairs, our work is a testament to true quality. We take pride in every ounce of our work to make sure your rifle is properly equipped and fitted for your use. 

Throughout the gun design and building processes, we are meticulous with every step. From ensuring a weapon has the the desired barrel profile to ensuring that firearm is properly balanced are all details we are very attentive to. A firearm must have the proper feel for it to be special, so we view our projects serve as a conscious effort that attention must pour into every piece of a firearm.

A weapon doesn't feel truly unique until it has been modified for your purposes. With modification, your firearm can be fitted with a modified barrel or stock that will better serve you. Custom engravings, markings, and branding can also be applied to your firearm to give it a personal edge.

Mounting is essential to ensuring that your scope is properly adjusted. If your shots aren't quite hitting the mark, it's a fair assumption your sight was improperly calibrated at the time of its mounting. With improper mounting, the sights might shift, rattle, and shake with every pull of the trigger, causing the focal point of the sight to deviate from the point you are aiming at.

All of our services include a safety check and inspection of your rifle.

Scope mounting on existing tapped receiver, bases and rings tightened to proper torque, applying thread locker to keep even the hardest hitting rounds from loosening up the scope, hand lapping the scope rings and laser boresighting the scope. $50 
Scope ring lapping. $20
Scope mounting and laser boresighting without lapping the rings. $30
Laser boresighting $15 
Chamber check with go/no go gauges, for .223, .308, 30-06 only at this time $10